I Heart New York

by Victoria Madden

This is rapidly becoming one of my favourite blogs – astute, acerbic and always very funny.

The Random Book Review


I swear this is the last time I’m going to read unverified chick-lit (i.e. by authors I don’t already know and like). I stumbled onto Lindsey Kelk and this I Heart series when I was in need of a bit of escapism, and chick-lit fulfils the requirement perfectly (coz the worst thing that can happen here is a breakup), so I decided to give it a try. Lot of spoilers, so if you are still going to give the book a try despite the cheesy title, I suggest you come back later.

There’s a certain amount of disbelief suspension that has to be done when reading chick-lit. For example, the girl is almost always either ditzy/crazy and almost always in a lower paying and more peaceful job than the hero, who is invariably moneyed and handsome, and everything is always all right in the end (if it’s not, it’s not…

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