Herding Cats

by Victoria Madden

A joyful discovery courtesy of Litlove at Tales from the Reading Room: an outstandingly well written and witty blog on the perversities of life, inanimate objects – and, of course, cats.

I recommend starting at the very beginning and just working your way through, so you don’t miss anything.

Baker's Daughter Blog

First problem – I can’t find the cat. She’s gone off on one of her expeditions next door to retrieve dead leaves. We have leaves in our own garden, of course, but the ones next door are better: they are as long as she is, vaguely tropical looking, and obviously very cumbersome. She likes to go for the oxen-pulling-plough effect, holding one end of the leaf in her mouth and letting the other drag on the ground beside her.

I need the cat because I have the perfect idea for a header image for my blog: I’ll put a pile of books on the floor, encourage the cat to inspect them, then take a photo. I can just see it stretching across the top of the page: a jaunty stack of books on the periphery, the spines an artful combination of faded moroccos, gilt-embossed leather, and bold primary colours. A…

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