A Brief Culinary Interlude

by Victoria Madden

I’ve been having a discussion over at Baker’s Daughter blog about food in books and she posited the question ‘How would you eat like P. G. Wodehouse?’

Apart from the wide plethora of alcoholic drinks that immediately sprang to mind, all I could think of were dinners cooked by the supreme Anatole at Brinkley Court, apart from the ‘eggs and b.’ for breakfast from contented pigs.

In one of the books, Bertie composes the ultimate menu from Anatole’s best dishes, which he expects to greet him on his release after he anticipates being jugged in lieu of Aunt Dahlia – which one was it and what was the menu??

I expect Honoria or Ashokbhatia will have this at their fingers’ ends but all I can remember is that it was in French and ended with coffee and cigarettes.