The 2016 Writing Challenge Revisited

by Victoria Madden

By all the rules I’d set myself, and Goldberg’s advice, I should have posted what I’d been able to achieve at the end of the week and moved on. But it was shaping up into a nice little story and I thought I’d easily be able to get it to a state I felt happy to ‘sign off’ by the following week.

Of course I kept working on it after that, and am still working on it, which is exactly what you’re not supposed to do. My excuse is that I’m out of practice with the format and it’s taking me longer that it should do to produce the work but what it’s really about is my reluctance to post something that falls short of what I see it could be. (This is one of the things that scuppered my first degree – and I still appear to be doing it. Take note, anyone with similar inclinations.)

So, in an attempt to save face I am posting this little poem I wrotea couple of years ago (I think). I thought it was quite nice when I re-read it.

All our tomorrows
Are but clouds, nuances
Of perception
In the gathering dusk;
The pale shimmer of
What might-have-been.