The Editor’s Page – The Girl’s Own Paper (January 1916)

by Victoria Madden

This is a scan of The Editor’s Page in the Girl’s Own Paper and Women’s Magazine of the early twentieth century, and part of my project looking at women’s experiences of the First World War, during this centenary year, through the eyes of the Girl’s Own Paper and Women’s Magazine for 1916.

Flora Klickmann’s points, in this page from the January issue, are just as valid a hundred years later: that we, ourselves, are the British Nation, that it is not a separate abstract thing for which we have no responsibility; that increased general prosperity and leisure is proving our undoing and that we are forgetting higher ideals and duties; and that there is an increasing viewpoint that money forgives all sins; in many respects the article could easily have been written for our own times.

A rather fascinating sidelight is thrown on the perceived division of responsibility in the period: it is women who ‘make or mar the social fabric’ while men are responsible for the virtue of business and political systems.

A coda calling for knitters to provide much needed hospital wash cloths highlights the unprecedented nature of a war of this scale in the dependence on amateur assistance by the authorities.

A synopsis of the full issue with scans of some of the other articles can be found here.

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