A Wodehouse Conundrum

by Victoria Madden

Sticking my head round the door one evening to wish the Aged P. ‘Goodnight’ before retiring, I found her watching an episode of the rather splendid BBC Jeeves and Wooster series, starring Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry. To my increasing puzzlement I found it was an episode I’d never seen before, despite having the three series DVD box set which proclaims on its cover: ‘The Complete Jeeves and Wooster’.

Casting my mind back to when the series first came on television in the late Eighties/early Nineties, the first two of which I video-taped, leaping like a startled gazelle towards the ‘Pause’ button at intervals in an attempt to cut out the adverts, I seem to remember other differences too. The opening scenes of the very first television episode were much shorter than the box set, easily explained as putting back deleted footage, but there was an episode in the second series which hinged on the acquisition of a water spaniel, which isn’t on the box set; and neither is the episode of the Choir Boys’ Steeplechase which the Aged P. was watching.

Google can’t throw any light on the subject so I’m turning to the international world of Wodehouse.

– Why do the series’ shown on television differ from those available on the DVD box set?

– How many episodes are missing from the box set?

– How do I get hold of the missing episodes?

and, most importantly,

– Why are us Wodehouse fans being short changed in this way ??

Annoyed of Brinkley Court